De quoi s’agit l’examen QManuel des épreuves et de formation À propros des épreuves

Examen QualityPro Canada – coût 10 $ (USD)
  1. Are the username and password for online testing the same as my username and password that I have been assigned to access the regular NPMA Web site?
    No. As members and non-members alike will be tested and each person taking the test must be able to access their own testing account, the username and password is picked by each person registering to take the exam. This is not the NPMA membership username and password. Each time a new person in your company wants to take the test, they go to REGISTER at and complete the information. Part of that registration process explained there is selecting a username and password.
  2. If my technician doesn't pass the first time, what do they do?
    They would further study the areas where they need improvement as noted on the results e-mail, and retake the exam as many times as necessary by entering the username and password they originally selected and logging in to the testing site. This way the proper person gets the credit. There is no additional charge for retesting after each technician registers and pays the fee the first time.
  3. Can't I just login, and change the technician name each time I want another person to test?
    No. If you do that, all records of the previous technician will disappear and there will be no records of them taking the exam.
  4. Do all technicians and salespeople need to be tested?
    All technicians and salespeople that work for a QualityPro Canada company must be tested. New hires must meet this requirement within the first six months of their hire date. The only provision to this rule is that in the case of a valued employee who is employed prior to the company receiving the QualityPro Canada designation and who fails the examination, the employer has the option to sign a statement vouching for the employee's technician expertise. The number of employees exempted under this provision may never exceed 10% of the sales/service technician employee base or one employee, whichever is greater. This exception does not apply to employees who are hired after a company earns the QualityPro Canada designation. If a new employee does not pass these training requirement, they must be accompanied in the field by a qualified employee until such time as they meet these requirements.
  5. Is there someone to call if we have questions?
    If you have questions about the testing Web site,, please call NPMA at 703-352-6762 or e-mail Andy Architect at
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