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Frequently Asked Questions...

  1. Are the username and password for online testing the same as my username and password that I have been assigned to access the regular NPMA Web site?
    No. As members and non-members alike will be tested and each person taking the test must be able to access their own testing account, the username and password is picked by each person registering to take the exam. This is not the NPMA membership username and password. Each time a new person in your company wants to take the test, they go to REGISTER at www.npmatesting.com and complete the information. Part of that registration process explained there is selecting a username and password.

  2. If my technician doesn't pass the first time, what do they do?
    They would further study the areas where they need improvement as noted on the results e-mail, and retake the exam as many times as necessary by entering the username and password they originally selected and logging in to the testing site. This way the proper person gets the credit. There is no additional charge for retesting after each technician registers and pays the fee the first time.

  3. Do we need to send our certificate of completion to NPMA?
    No. You may print it out and file it according to the directions in the Standards. NPMA does not need a copy. To view the Food Safety Standards visit http://npmapestworld.org/TechSupport/PMSFP.asp.
  4. How do technicians study for the exam?
    They may use company in-house materials, "Mallis," "NPMA Field Guide," etc. as explained on the testing Web site. A comprehensive Study Guide prepared by NPMA is now available for purchase from the NPMA Resource Center by visiting http://www.bugstore.org or calling 703-352-6762. Hard copies of the Standards are also available for sale through NPMA's Resource Center.

  5. Can't I just login, and change the technician name each time I want another person to test?
    No. If you do that, all records of the previous technician will disappear and there will be no records of them taking the exam.

  6. Do all technicians need to be tested even if they are certified by the state?
    All technicians servicing food plants need to be tested regardless of technician registration, certification or licensing.

  7. Do the Standards apply to restaurants?
    The Standards and testing apply only to food plants.

  8. Are the Standards permanent?
    A new and updated version of the Standards will be released each year. The 2008 version will be released in late 2007.

  9. How did these new regulations come about?
    These are not regulations. These are voluntary Standards which many food plants as customers are requiring and the auditing groups will work in as part of their audits this year. Not all plants yet require these Standards so there is some transition period. Also, some food manufacturers may have more stringent standards. A pest management firm servicing food plants will be able to market that they comply with the only comprehensive Standards in the industry.

  10. Why "standards" and not "guidelines?"
    The food industry, third party auditors and our own industry all felt that it is long overdue to have Standards rather than just suggestions. Also, with concern about bioterrorism and food security, this is an important process. A very strong committee from North America (including Mexico and Canada) produced the Standards with the input from the food industry and from auditors.

  11. Where can I get more information on the development and see the Standards?
    Over the past year, NPMA has produced many updates on the status and compliance. These may be found on the NPMA Web site at www.npmapestworld.org and search for your key words. You may also click the Food Safety icon on the main page and see the Standards in English and Spanish, view the Appendix, as well as a link to the testing site.

  12. Does passing the exam qualify my company for QualityPro?
    No. QualityPro is a totally separate program at this time, for U.S. members only.

  13. Do people fail the first attempt to pass the exam?
    Some people are passing the exam the first time if they study. Some people must take the exam more than once. The exam is generally more difficult than state certification.

  14. Will the exam be updated?
    The Exam Review Board will keep the exam current and will update it at least annually based upon changes in regulations, standards, and the food industry priorities.

  15. Is there someone to call if we have questions?
    If you have questions about the testing Web site, www.npmatesting.org, please call NPMA at 703-352-6762 or e-mail Andy Architect at aarchitect@pestworld.org. If you have questions about the Standards, or implementation of the Standards, please contact NPMA's Greg Baumann via e-mail at gbaumann@pestworld.org.

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