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What is the QualityPro Canada Exam:

One of the provisions of earning the QualityPro Canada designation is for all technicians and salespeople to successfully complete the QualityPro Canada Exam. This exam was created and monitored by the QualityPro Board of Directors in conjunction with the Canadian Pest Management Association. Experts from throughout the industry have assembled reasonable questions to prove proficiency. None of the questions were designed to be trick questions. Each person will have a different version of the exam with questions selected by topic, so there is no standard version of the exam. The exam is completed online in the comfort of your office. You do not have to travel to take the exam. There is a time limit on the exam, one hour. There are fifty questions on the exam from a wide variety of important topics. This is not just an insect exam. We recommend that you study for the exam by viewing the QualityPro Canada Testing and Training Manual. To view a copy of this manual click on the links at the top of the page. Passing grade will be 80%.

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